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Our Lady of Mercy Parish

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" The Church--the Pilgrim Church of San Francisco--must be a Church of hope and faith, of unity and charity, even in difficult times, and we must be a Church of Thanksgiving, a Church of Eucharist.... We should give thanks for the challenges and problems which the wisdom of God asks us to bear as a Pilgrim Church. We should give thanks for this present hour in our journey which mingles great promise and bright hopes...."
--Archbishop John R. Quinn, September 1993 

Our Parish Vision and Mission

is the element that drives the life and vision of our parish community. We are a Roman Catholic Christian Community of People. Our Church building is the place where this community gathers to make this vision live. The hands in the faceted glass window above signing the word Church indicate that we are living human beings who make up this community. The parish supports its membership in the pursuit of Christian Living and effective Service and Ministry to the Parish and larger community of Westlake. 

People Make This Vision Live

The wider community of Westlake in Daly City, California calls us to step out of this building and community and relate to the life around us. Christianity is a journey with the Lord and we see the name of our community as focusing how we make our movement felt. We live work study, play and pray in:



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Where Parishioners Take Part In...
W is for Worship where we gather to strengthen and challenge our Faith. Worship concerns are met through the Liturgy of the Eucharist on Sundays and Weekdays, celebration of the Sacraments, prayer groups (Charismatic Prayer Group, Third Order Carmelites, Sodality of Our Lady, etc.) and devotions in the parish as well as other spiritual events.Please let us know of your special Prayer Needs
E is for Education the way we grow as a community. Education and Formation are multi-faceted. These concerns encompass the education of parish youth through the Parish Catholic School and Religious Education Program, The RCIA or RCIC process for new Catholics, the Liturgical Ministries formation for life and service in the parish, including Preparation for Baptism, Marriage and Sacraments for School Age Children.
S is for Service we perform in our community and the wider society. Service concerns encompass the Saint Vincent de Paul Society, Youth Ministry as well as organizations which meet and involve parishioners [Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Brownies, Youth Group, Young Adults Group (20s and 30s), Peace and Social Justice Group, Children's Choir, etc.].
T is for Temporalities which include areas of Personnel, Building and Grounds, Plant Improvement, Parish Finances, Parish Stewardship, Parish Fundraising, the Archbishop's Annual Appeal and other very practical aspects of Parish Life. These are taken care of by the Pastor and Parish Staff together with the People of the Parish who volunteer their Time and Talents to accomplish these worthy goals. 
LAKE is the geography and place where we realize that life as a Christian means crossing the Lake together with the Lord amid calm and stormy times in personal, community and societal times. The Parish Life is coordinated by a parish, school and religious education staffs which have as their goal, the empowerment of members in the community. The parish is challenged to be effective in the call to witness to our faith in life in the parish, the family, the neighborhood... and the world.
We are also connected to realities bigger than ourselves and we share these with you in our Web Community.

Membership in our Community asks that:

  1. You are a Parishioner of Our Lady of Mercy in WESTlake if you are:
    • a Baptized Catholic who lives within the geographical boundaries designated by the Archdiocese or who chooses to register officially with the parish is a member of our community.
    • are known as a member and keep up communications with the parish. For this it is necessary to register at the parish office. This registration is the entrance and key to both the benefits and responsibilities of being a Catholic at OLM.
  2. Membership in a parish community allows you to celebrate sacraments for yourself and your family in our community. It facilitates our ability to invite you to participation in the activities of the parish.
  3. Families with children benefit from official membership in terms of attendance in our Parish School and Religious Education Programs.
  4. Registration alone does not constitute being a member of our community. Parishioners of Our Lady of Mercy are expected to support their community. Support of the Parish means being a STEWARD of the parish and includes involvement, sharing and commitment.

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